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Wrist Support Length

Wrist support length is very important and can vary. Depending on your wrist injury or what wrist support your doctor has told you to purchase, you will need one of three wrist splint lengths. If you have a hand and wrist injury or if your wrist hurts, you will likely need a 2" wrist brace version or 8" wrist brace. However, if your injury or pain involves the forearm (or the wrist and forearm), then you will likely need a 10.5" version of wrist splint called a "wrist and forearm" splint or support. In any case, we have the wrist support you need. Select the length below to view our wrist products.

Short (2
Short (2") Wrist Support
Regular (8
Regular (8") Wrist Support
Long (10.5
Long (10.5") Wrist Support