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Leather Wrist Support Braces

What else can be said... it's leather. Leather is durable and will last virtually forever. Our gymanst wrist support is made of leather and is perfect for the novice or the professional gymnast.

Ezy ProBrace™ Gymnast Wrist Support
Ezy ProBrace™ Gymnast Wrist Support

Ezy ProBrace™ Gymnast Wrist Support

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The Only Gymnast Brace Proven by Clinical Study
Ezy ProBrace for gymnastics has been proven to be effective. Do not be fooled by cheap immitations. This gymnast brace is the best on the market and clinical studies have proven it. It is made of real Leather and is the most durable and effective gymnast brace out there. Patented Pad design is detachable enabling the palm of the hand to be exposed during strenuous Gymnastic activities. U.S. Patent #4,881,533.

Our professional strength gymnast wrist brace helps relieve and prevent wrist pain by providing strong wrist support while in Wrist Exension and Hyper-Extension .

"The Ezy® ProBrace with palmar pad was beneficial in pressure attenuation. Use of this orthosis during pommel horse training in gymnasts may provide prophylactic benefit by decreasing the cumulative consequences of the repetitive stress of pommel horse exercise training." - Marsha Grant-Ford, ATC, PhD, Montclair State University 

Other Studies (click to view): University of Oregon, American Journal of Sports Medicine, Montclair State University