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Wrist Support Ice Packs

Ice Packs (For Wrist Supports)
We are the exclusive manufacture and distributor of FirstIce® Cold Therapy. Only FirstIce has patented "snow" technology. That's right, this product turns to soft, but cold therapuetic snow. We have sold over half a million packs to hospitals and doctors with raving reviews from patients with wrist pain like yourself. FirstIce cold therapy for wrist supports is last a long time after you remove it from the freezer. In fact it lasts up to 5 times longer than regular gel products. Cryo therapy can reduce the swelling in your swollen wrist and virtually eliminate wrist pain.

Firstice® Wrist Support Bag
FirstICE® Wrist Support Bag

FirstICE® Wrist Support Bag

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"Snow-Like" Wrist Cryotherapy

The Next Generation of Cold Therapy just got better. Known worldwide for its revolutionary "snow-like" and long-lasting cryo technology, FirstICE®can be applied directly to the skin with its soft material coating. Functional, versatile, cold therapy when you need it, the FirstICE® Wrist Bag fits comfortably against your hand and wrist and is designed to be placed inside many of our fine wrist supports. Order today and relieve your wrist pain! To view wrist supports compatible with FirstICE®, click here .

Fits inside the palm of the almost every wrist brace we sell: SideWinder™, Ultimate Supreme™, Wrap Around™, Platform™, Econo™ & Deluxe™ wrist supports.