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Metacarpal Phalangeal Stays

To immobilize the fingers when a bone has been fractured, it is recommended to haveWrist Support Metacarpal Phalangeal Stay
 a wrist brace that also incorporates a Metacarpal Phalangeal Stay. On this page, there are several wrist braces toose from that offer that option, to optimize your healing, provide additional support, and much needed pain relief. Typically used to relieve pressure on the ulnar styloid, a brace with the Metacarpal Phalangeal Stay is used for the following conditions: Boxer’s Fracture, fractures of the ulnar styloid, or any fracture of the 4th and 5th metacarpals. The adjustable splints shown below can easily accommodate swelling in the wrist and when used correctly, should provide moderate pain relief to the injured area.

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Metacarpal Stay

Metacarpal stays are typically used to immobilize the fingers for injuries that have to do with the metacarpals, e.g., the boxer fracture. This stay is important for proper rehabilitation of breaks, etc. to the fingers.

metacarpal stay