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Hand and Wrist Anatomy


The bones, ligaments and tendons of the wrist aren’t the only affected areas for wrist injuries, commonly a nerve gets inflamed and causes the problem. One of the most common wrist injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is when the median nerve, which travels through the carpal tunnel, becomes inflamed, usually due to a chronic injury. This chronic injury is due to repetitive motion that gradually takes its toll on the nerve.Hand and Wrist Anatomy NervesThis isn’t the only wrist nerve that can become injured, but it is the easily the most common wrist nerve problem affecting people today. As most of the nerves in the hand and wrist are particularly delicate and are less protected than nerves located elsewhere in the body, the wrist and hand nerves are thin, exposed, and are often the first nerves tested or put in harm’s way.

Injuries to the Nerves

A great many traumatic or severe injuries result from a slip and fall accident, when a person attempts to break their fall using their hands. These injuries characterized by a similar set of symptoms, like swelling, pain at the site of the injury, and stiffness or limited range of motion. Chronic injuries tend to build slowly over time, often a patient's range of motion becomes slowly limited due to pain in the nerves, coupled with tingling or burning in the affected areas.

When managing one of the many possible injuries to the wrist or hand, there are a few steps on the road to recovery that rarely vary. The first common step is R.I.C.E. or rest, ice, compression, elevation. The second common step to heal a wrist injury heal is using a wrist support brace or splint for a number of weeks or months, depending on the severity of the injury and how healthy the affected patient is.

A wrist brace will also allow you to slowly build up strength, and if you need physical therapy to regain full motion to your wrists and hands, you can gradually build up the strength and keep the area immobilized while not doing wrist strengthening exercises.
"The second common step to heal a wrist injury heal is using a wrist support brace."
A wrist support brace can be used, too, when the nerves become sore, to give added pain relief when coupled with an over the counter pain reliever than contains anti-inflammatory medicine. Using these basic steps should help anyone on the path to a full and flexible healing, but always consult with a physician before self-healing.

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The hand and wrist are primarily innervated by two nerves; the Median and Ulnar nerves run the length of the arm providing the electrical impulses which allow the fingers, wrist and hand to move.

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