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Trigger Thumb – Relieve Your Pain with a Bang!

Trigger Thumb

Don’t Let Trigger Thumb Hold You at Gun Point!

Trigger thumb can cause tremendous pain. Healing quickly come from understanding the cause of the injury and following basic treatment steps.


  • Trigger thumb or trigger finger occurs when the joints of the fingers or thumb freeze up while attempting to bend.
  • Damage or trauma to the tendons is the leading cause of this problem. When the tendons are subjected to any kind of stress, they can swell which makes them hard to move.


  • The best advice is to rest the affected finger or thumb.
  • Some people choose to immobilize it in a small splint, but this is not always required.
  • Simply being careful and not aggravating the injured area should start the healing process off nicely.
  • Sometimes anti-inflammatory medications can also help relieve the symptoms of trigger thumb. They work to reduce the swelling in the tendons, and in the area around the tendons. These medications need to be prescribed by a doctor, and should be part of an ongoing treatment process. Some of these medications may cause side effects, be sure to check with your doctor.
  • Another treatment method that may be used is the injection of a steroid into the affected tendons. This will allow them to slowly unclench, and reduce the swelling.
  • If conventional treatment methods don’t seem to work, or if the problem keeps happening, the physician may recommend surgery. This is usually only after all other options have been tried.


  • Recovery varies from person to person.
  • It depends on the severity of the original injury, how long this injury was left untreated, and what methods were used to fix the problem.
  • Obviously not everyone who has trigger thumb is going to need surgery. Sometimes all it takes is some ibuprofen and some common sense.
  • If the finger is causing pain and is swelled up, that means it’s time to stop using it.

It isn’t always necessary to consult with a doctor for an injury of this type. This doesn’t mean that the doctor cannot help you. It just means that with time and patience this problem may go away. If it keeps coming back, or if you think you have done everything possible and still found no relief, then it’s time to call the doctor. You have the ability to knock trigger thumb out with a bang!

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Trigger Thumb Relief – Pull the Trigger!

Trigger Thumb Image

Trigger Thumb

Trigger thumb is a condition where the thumb locks in a bent (or straight) position. The condition can be very painful. However, the causes of the condition are well known. Thus, trigger thumb treatment is readily available.

Additional Symptoms

  • There are several symptoms of trigger thumb.
  • Most commonly experience painful clicking and snapping when moving the joint.
  • As the condition gets worse, the thumb may lock in place. It will first lock in the bent position and then in the straight position.
  • Locked joints often require the patient to work with the opposite hand to release them.

Physiological Explanation

  • The joints in the finger are moved by what is essentially a pulley system. The wheels of the pulleys are “sheaths”. They are attached to the bone of your fingers.
  • The ropes on the pulleys are your tendons. The tendons are made to slip through the pulleys. There is not a lot of spare space. When swelling occurs, it locks up the system when it reaches the sheath. Massaging, as listed above, helps push the swollen area tendon through the sheaths.

Environmental Causes

  • The swelling can have a number of causes.
  • It results from repetitive stress or overuse very often.
  • People with trigger thumb often have jobs that rely on gripping. Musicians are common sufferers. Industrial workers are also common, especially those that use power tools frequently.
  • Some people may even get trigger thumb after a downhill mountain bike ride. Occasionally, the ailment is caused indirectly or aggravated by conditions that cause tissue damage.

Trigger Thumb Treatment

  • Treatment is readily available.
  • Often, with help from health care professional, treatment is managed with little or no major expense or inconvenience.
  • Typical trigger thumb treatment starts with ibuprofen or other nonprescription medications to reduce swelling.
  • It almost always requires avoiding the environmental causes, at least for a short period.
  • In some cases, the physician will immobilize the affected joint.
  • Most often, these simple treatments are effective. However, in rare cases surgery is necessary to relieve the tendon.

Although trigger thumb can be a painful condition, it’s causes and remedies are well known. Trigger thumb treatment is usually inexpensive and effective. So, get ready and pull the trigger on relief today!

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Trigger Thumb Pain? Set Your Sites on Recovery

Trigger Thumb Texting

Trigger Thumb Relief

Trigger thumb can be a crippling injury. The symptoms are caused by repeated force or pressure to your thumb or other fingers. You can treat the issue yourself or seek professional help. Fortunately, this condition does not require a serious medical procedure but rather therapy. The key to treating trigger thumb pain is restoring movement.


  • When you get trigger thumb, the tendons that connect your muscle to your bones have become swollen. This restricts movement and makes it painful to extend your thumb or fingers.
  • You might suffer from locking or stiffness of them as well. This has likely been caused by the stress of some repeated motion, like grasping something for very long periods of time.


  • Help prevent trigger thumb symptoms by stopping during activity.  During this break, stretch your fingers.
  • This keeps your sinovial fluids and tendons moving in good function to prevent inflammation.


  • If you are already suffering from trigger thumb symptoms, there are many options for recovery.
  • The first is stopping the motion that has caused the condition.  This can be anything including texting or driving.
  • This might not be an option for you if your job is what is causing trigger thumb. Industrial and agricultural workers are most commonly affected by the condition.  This is  because their jobs involve repeated use of the hands. In this case, you might benefit from a splint. It will help restrict movement and reduce pain.
  • Another trigger thumb treatment involves exercises. They should work the joint and tendon.  This will return rotation.
  • Your doctor may use a steroid injection to the tendon. This can help relieve pain and keep your finger straight.  This will encourage recovery.
  • Another treatment is done by a therapist. They locate the nodules (bumps) on the tendons.  They will massages them to break them up. When the nodules go down, painless movement returns.
  • In few cases, trigger thumb requires surgery.  This happens  if the finger does not improve using the other methods. During the procedure, surgeons release the tendon sheath.

Remember that you have many tools to treat and even prevent trigger thumb. They are great options in relieving trigger thumb pain and setting your sites on recovery.

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Trigger Thumb Have You Locked Up? Find Keys to Relief!

Unlock Your Trigger Thumb Today

Trigger thumb can lock you in discomfort.  When trigger thumb pain occurs, you will be looking for the keys to relief immediately. The keys are understanding the symptoms and knowing the treatments available.


  • Trigger thumb symptoms range from a small amount of pain to a thumb that is locked in a closed position to a bump at the base of the affected thumb.
  • In addition, there may be swelling and redness.
  • Infection is one of the possible causes for trigger thumb, especially if there is no history of problems. If your trigger thumb is red and swollen this is a sign of infection. You will want to get checked by a doctor.


  • There are several key treatments for trigger thumb. The key to any treatment option for trigger thumb is to cause a release which is when the muscles relax allowing the effected thumb to open back up.
  • First, is to learn how to do trigger thumb exercises. This will help strengthen the muscles that control movement of the thumb.
  • Other treatments range from rest to anything that is useful for reducing swelling. For the most part, people only need rest, exercise, and over the counter pain relievers.
  • In the most extreme of situation you may need one of two types of surgery. The less invasive can be done in the doctor’s office with only local anesthetic. The doctor inserts a needle and releases the muscle. The more extreme surgery methods act as trigger thumb treatment. The muscle is cut and stretched. This should get rid of the trigger thumb symptoms. While this may seem extreme, for use of the thumb is may be necessary.

If you suffer from trigger thumb, you feel like the lock in firmly in place. These key points will unlock the discomfort for you quickly.

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Trigger Thumb Holstered in 3 Easy Steps

Trigger Thumb

Suffer from painful swelling of the fingers?  It may be trigger thumb. Is so, learn how to holster your pain in 3 easy steps. The treatment for this common ailment is simple. It can also be done easily from home. Most patients find significant relief using these 3 key steps.


  • Trigger thumb symptoms are caused by repetition. It is a continuous stress to your fingers. If your job or other tasks requires a continuous activity, you can get trigger thumb. This can include grasping or placing repeated stress on fingers.
  • Arthritis can also add to the swelling of the tendons. This will inhibit movement of the fingers.


  • This can include soreness and locking/stiffness.
  • There may also be a clicking of the affected finger.


  • There are a number of trigger thumb relief tips that you can use. These treatments can help you reduce the pain.
  • The first is to stop the activity that is causing trigger thumb. This can be difficult if your work is what is causing the issue. If it involves hobbies such as playing music or chores like wringing washcloths, try to take a break for a while to allow your hands time to heal.
  • Besides taking a break, you may also use trigger thumb exercises.
  • One exercise simply involves stretching your finger out as far as it will go. Try to rotate your thumb in circles. Because your finger is stiff, this will be difficult. Just remember that repetition is key. With time you should begin to regain rotation.
  • Another exercise is to place your hand palm side down on a table. Individually, lift each finger as high as it will go without pain. Working all your fingers, not just the injured one, will improve hand strength. These exercises help prepare for the final step.
  • A final step in treating your pain is involves the trigger thumb release. For this treatment, a therapist locates nodules on your fingers. This will happen as you flex and extend your thumb as directed. The pressure applied helps to break up the adhesions in tendons. This will restore movement and flexibility.

In the end, you will find relief. You will have successfully holstered your trigger thumb pain.

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