Trigger Thumb – Relieve Your Pain with a Bang!

Trigger Thumb

Don’t Let Trigger Thumb Hold You at Gun Point!

Trigger thumb can cause tremendous pain. Healing quickly come from understanding the cause of the injury and following basic treatment steps.


  • Trigger thumb or trigger finger occurs when the joints of the fingers or thumb freeze up while attempting to bend.
  • Damage or trauma to the tendons is the leading cause of this problem. When the tendons are subjected to any kind of stress, they can swell which makes them hard to move.


  • The best advice is to rest the affected finger or thumb.
  • Some people choose to immobilize it in a small splint, but this is not always required.
  • Simply being careful and not aggravating the injured area should start the healing process off nicely.
  • Sometimes anti-inflammatory medications can also help relieve the symptoms of trigger thumb. They work to reduce the swelling in the tendons, and in the area around the tendons. These medications need to be prescribed by a doctor, and should be part of an ongoing treatment process. Some of these medications may cause side effects, be sure to check with your doctor.
  • Another treatment method that may be used is the injection of a steroid into the affected tendons. This will allow them to slowly unclench, and reduce the swelling.
  • If conventional treatment methods don’t seem to work, or if the problem keeps happening, the physician may recommend surgery. This is usually only after all other options have been tried.


  • Recovery varies from person to person.
  • It depends on the severity of the original injury, how long this injury was left untreated, and what methods were used to fix the problem.
  • Obviously not everyone who has trigger thumb is going to need surgery. Sometimes all it takes is some ibuprofen and some common sense.
  • If the finger is causing pain and is swelled up, that means it’s time to stop using it.

It isn’t always necessary to consult with a doctor for an injury of this type. This doesn’t mean that the doctor cannot help you. It just means that with time and patience this problem may go away. If it keeps coming back, or if you think you have done everything possible and still found no relief, then it’s time to call the doctor. You have the ability to knock trigger thumb out with a bang!

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