Scaphoid Fracture and Computer Time: Program Relief!

Typing on a Computer

Scaphoid Fracture and Computer Time

A scaphoid fracture is a break in the wrist. It is  caused when the wrist is bent backward. It is often a sudden injury with force.  This injury will impact many daily activities.  It will also require that you get help from another person. Computer use is one task that will take much longer. This is due to the fact that you only have the use of one hand.

Impact of Computer Use

Typing on a computer alone is tough on the wrist.  It is can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Using the computer with this fracture can cause more problems.

  • It may prevent the bones from joining together.
  • This will slow an already lengthy process.

Impact of Aggravating Injury

A scaphoid fracture takes a long time to heal. You need to try not to use it.  Rest can help your wrist recover.   If you strain it, you will slow the healing. In fact, this strain can cause more problems.  There is up to  a 30% chance it will not heal correctly.

  • If this happens, surgery may be the only option.
  • This surgery is called a bone graft.
  • It may even cause more serious results.  This can include arthritis. This may require injections and steroids.  It may even result in more surgery.

Understanding the Injury

  • The scope of your injury depends on where the wrist was broken.
  • The key is to ensure proper healing.  You need to see a doctor quickly. A medical facility can examine your break.  They can diagnose how bad it is.  Then, they can also begin the correct method of treatment.
  • You can find some relief by using ice on the injury.  You should also exercise your fingers.  Stretching the fingers will decrease stiffness. It will also encourage blood flow. This is vital to the healing of your fracture.

Resist the desire to work on your computer before the injury is healed.  This will help give the scaphoid fracture time to heal. This will allow you to return to work more quickly.

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