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The Easiest Way to Repair a Metacarpal Fracture

Metacarpal Fracture

If you get in a fist fight, watch out for those metacarpals!! A metacarpal Boxer Fracture Xrayfracture is simply a broken finger. The easiest way to repair a metacarpal fracture is setting the finger.  It is the key to healing the broken bone.  Just like any other part of the body, the bone needs to be set after a break.  This helps it heal in proper alignment.

A Misnamed Fracture

Boxer’s Fracture is the name given to most metacarpal fractures.  Why is this break misnamed?  Most boxers are trained to protect their hands from such breaks.  A more fitting name for this injury would be a “Brawler’s Fracture”.

  • This fracture can occur in any of the four fingers, from the index to the pinky. However, most fractures occur on the fourth and fifth metacarpal (the pinky and the ring finger).
  • The break actually occurs near the knuckle where the bones are narrower and are more likely to break.
  • A metacarpal break  usually comes from a fist striking a solid object.

Recovery from your Boxer’s Fracture

  • Letting your bones slowly mend is the first step.  It is possibly the most important step in your recovery from a metacarpal fracture.
  • Keeping the bones stabile and comfortable is going to be another priority in healing.
  • You must also manage the swelling.  You can keep the area iced to reduce swelling.  It will also help with your pain relief.

See your Doctor before Treatment

  • Most doctors do not call for a hard cast in these kinds of injuries.
  • If there is a break to the skin with your metacarpal fracture, this is a more severe break.  It may need a hard cast. This is rare but it does happen.
  • Most minor metacarpal fractures heal with a finger splint, reduction of swelling, and several weeks of immobility.
  • A short physical examination of the affected metacarpals and an X-ray are generally enough to determine if you have a Boxer’s Fracture.

So keep a careful eye on those fist fights!! If you do get into one and break that metacarpal, your doctor can have you on the road to a full recovery in a relatively short amount of time.

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