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Tenosynovitis Wrist Relief in 3 Steps

Tenosynovitis Relief

De Quervains - TenosynovitisTenosynovitis, discovered in 1895, is a condition that can cause great discomfort. In fact, it is a painful condition in the hand involving the tendons and the sheath that protect the tendons of the thumb.

When Dr. Quervain discovered the condition, there was no treatment and no known cause.While there are now 3 steps to Tenosynovitis wrists relief, the cause is still unknown. Some people believe that it is a repetitive motion injury but there is no real proof.

If you suffer from this condition, your concern is with finding a solution to the pain. Thankfully, the 3 steps to relief are fairly easy.

What are the 3 steps to Tenosynovitis wrist relief?

The simple truth is that these steps can be done at home without any special procedures, medicines or exercises.

  • First, Quervain Tenosynovitis is caused by the swelling of the sheath around the tendons of the thumb so rest is in order. This resting will help reduce this inflammation.
  • Next, take ibuprofen to reduce the pain. Make sure that you follow the dosage information provided with this medicine.
  • Finally, give your wrist time to heal. This means to take it easy and not overdo activities with this wrist. Most patients show total recovery within a year of diagnoses.

Are there other solutions to Tenosynovitis pain?

  • It is possible to have surgery to correct this condition. However, most doctors recommend using the methods above.
  • Quervain syndrome can also be treated with cortisone shots. However, the effectiveness of these shots has not been proven.

Having the condition Tenosynovitis wrist can be a painful proposition but there is relief available. It just comes with a prescription of rest, pain ibprofen and time. This combination is the 3 steps to Tenosynovitis relief and the key to pain relief. Now, you can see what it feels like to live without the pain.

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