Trigger Thumb Holstered in 3 Easy Steps

Trigger Thumb

Suffer from painful swelling of the fingers?  It may be trigger thumb. Is so, learn how to holster your pain in 3 easy steps. The treatment for this common ailment is simple. It can also be done easily from home. Most patients find significant relief using these 3 key steps.


  • Trigger thumb symptoms are caused by repetition. It is a continuous stress to your fingers. If your job or other tasks requires a continuous activity, you can get trigger thumb. This can include grasping or placing repeated stress on fingers.
  • Arthritis can also add to the swelling of the tendons. This will inhibit movement of the fingers.


  • This can include soreness and locking/stiffness.
  • There may also be a clicking of the affected finger.


  • There are a number of trigger thumb relief tips that you can use. These treatments can help you reduce the pain.
  • The first is to stop the activity that is causing trigger thumb. This can be difficult if your work is what is causing the issue. If it involves hobbies such as playing music or chores like wringing washcloths, try to take a break for a while to allow your hands time to heal.
  • Besides taking a break, you may also use trigger thumb exercises.
  • One exercise simply involves stretching your finger out as far as it will go. Try to rotate your thumb in circles. Because your finger is stiff, this will be difficult. Just remember that repetition is key. With time you should begin to regain rotation.
  • Another exercise is to place your hand palm side down on a table. Individually, lift each finger as high as it will go without pain. Working all your fingers, not just the injured one, will improve hand strength. These exercises help prepare for the final step.
  • A final step in treating your pain is involves the trigger thumb release. For this treatment, a therapist locates nodules on your fingers. This will happen as you flex and extend your thumb as directed. The pressure applied helps to break up the adhesions in tendons. This will restore movement and flexibility.

In the end, you will find relief. You will have successfully holstered your trigger thumb pain.

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