Trigger Thumb Have You Locked Up? Find Keys to Relief!

Unlock Your Trigger Thumb Today

Trigger thumb can lock you in discomfort.  When trigger thumb pain occurs, you will be looking for the keys to relief immediately. The keys are understanding the symptoms and knowing the treatments available.


  • Trigger thumb symptoms range from a small amount of pain to a thumb that is locked in a closed position to a bump at the base of the affected thumb.
  • In addition, there may be swelling and redness.
  • Infection is one of the possible causes for trigger thumb, especially if there is no history of problems. If your trigger thumb is red and swollen this is a sign of infection. You will want to get checked by a doctor.


  • There are several key treatments for trigger thumb. The key to any treatment option for trigger thumb is to cause a release which is when the muscles relax allowing the effected thumb to open back up.
  • First, is to learn how to do trigger thumb exercises. This will help strengthen the muscles that control movement of the thumb.
  • Other treatments range from rest to anything that is useful for reducing swelling. For the most part, people only need rest, exercise, and over the counter pain relievers.
  • In the most extreme of situation you may need one of two types of surgery. The less invasive can be done in the doctor’s office with only local anesthetic. The doctor inserts a needle and releases the muscle. The more extreme surgery methods act as trigger thumb treatment. The muscle is cut and stretched. This should get rid of the trigger thumb symptoms. While this may seem extreme, for use of the thumb is may be necessary.

If you suffer from trigger thumb, you feel like the lock in firmly in place. These key points will unlock the discomfort for you quickly.

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