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Trigger Thumb

Trigger thumb is a condition where the thumb locks in a bent (or straight) position. The condition can be very painful. However, the causes of the condition are well known. Thus, trigger thumb treatment is readily available.

Additional Symptoms

  • There are several symptoms of trigger thumb.
  • Most commonly experience painful clicking and snapping when moving the joint.
  • As the condition gets worse, the thumb may lock in place. It will first lock in the bent position and then in the straight position.
  • Locked joints often require the patient to work with the opposite hand to release them.

Physiological Explanation

  • The joints in the finger are moved by what is essentially a pulley system. The wheels of the pulleys are “sheaths”. They are attached to the bone of your fingers.
  • The ropes on the pulleys are your tendons. The tendons are made to slip through the pulleys. There is not a lot of spare space. When swelling occurs, it locks up the system when it reaches the sheath. Massaging, as listed above, helps push the swollen area tendon through the sheaths.

Environmental Causes

  • The swelling can have a number of causes.
  • It results from repetitive stress or overuse very often.
  • People with trigger thumb often have jobs that rely on gripping. Musicians are common sufferers. Industrial workers are also common, especially those that use power tools frequently.
  • Some people may even get trigger thumb after a downhill mountain bike ride. Occasionally, the ailment is caused indirectly or aggravated by conditions that cause tissue damage.

Trigger Thumb Treatment

  • Treatment is readily available.
  • Often, with help from health care professional, treatment is managed with little or no major expense or inconvenience.
  • Typical trigger thumb treatment starts with ibuprofen or other nonprescription medications to reduce swelling.
  • It almost always requires avoiding the environmental causes, at least for a short period.
  • In some cases, the physician will immobilize the affected joint.
  • Most often, these simple treatments are effective. However, in rare cases surgery is necessary to relieve the tendon.

Although trigger thumb can be a painful condition, it’s causes and remedies are well known. Trigger thumb treatment is usually inexpensive and effective. So, get ready and pull the trigger on relief today!

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