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Regular Velcro Wrist Support

For its ease of use when putting on a wrist brace, the Velcro® closure system is the standard closure system, allowing people using wrist braces to easily put on and remove their brace without any additional assistance. However, the Velcro® wrist support closure system has one clear drawback: it does have a tendency to snag on clothing, particularly on clothing with a looser weave or more coarse materials. Because of this inherent problem, we have carefully selected a type of Velcro® with sufficient strength to close the wrist splint, while minimizing the potential wear and tear to your clothing. This does reduce the amount of snagging that occurs, but does not eliminate the potential for your Velcro® wrist splint to catch on your clothing.

If this problem is a concern for you, you should consider using our patented Lace-with-Pull-Tab closure system. This closure completely eliminates the hassle of catching Velcro® on your clothing. With only one or two tabs to close with the Lace-with-Pull-Tab closure system, with a little practice, you’ll be able to put on the wrist brace single handedly.

Wahoo™ II Wrist Support and Thumb Spica Wahoo™ II Wrist Support and Thumb Spica
With *Three* Thumb Stays
Introducing the Wahoo II™ Wrist Support and Thumb Spica Wrist Support. This new abducted thumb and wrist support has three thumb stays that are designed to abduct your thumb and add virtually 360 degree support to the thumb joint.

This thumb spica provides superior fit and comfort by utilizing our functional wrap around design. Now featuring three redesigned thumb stays for increased and variable support of the injured thumb.

Two of the stays are actually removable so you can mold them to your thumb or remove them alltogether for less rigidity in support. Because of this feature, the Wahoo II™ is the most advanced and customizeable Thumb Spica Wrist Support on the market. The Wahoo II™ is designed for either the left or right hand and conveniently fastens with a Velcro® Closure . Order one today!!(read more...)
Wahoo™ Wrist Support and Thumb Spica Wahoo™ Wrist Support and Thumb Spica
With Reinforced Thumb Stay
This economy Thumb Spica Wrist Support is manufactured from our Velcro® compatible EXoprene, providing warmth and compression to the injured thumb or thumb joint and/or wrist. This greatly reduces thumb pain.

The contoured thumb joint section of the thumb spica is supplied with one moldable thumb stay. If you remove the stay, the thumb spica becomes a wrist support while still providing some support of the thumb. This thumb spica is fitted for both left and right hands and conveniently fastens with a Velcro® Closure .

Order one today and feel the support tomorrow.(read more...)
Wrap Around™ Wrist Support Wrap Around™ Wrist Support
This versatile "wrap around" Wrist Support is meticulously designed with our Velcro® compatible high-napped Neoprene wrist material. The contoured hand and wrist design allows unrestricted finger motion.

An "Adjustable" Wrist Support

A unique feature to this wrist support is the fact you can remove the Dorsal Stay. This allows you to adjust the stay to the size of your wrist and forearm. The Palmar Stay does the same thing. It is adjustable, meaning you can move it where it will be the most comfortable. Both removable stays allow you to maintain proper hand and wrist position. The Velcro® Closure allow for easy application. Order yours today and help eliminate wrist pain tomorrow.

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Wrist Guard (WSO™) Wrist Guard (WSO™)
The WSO™ (Wrist Stabilizing Orthosis) Wrist Guard was developed in cooperation with Athletic Trainers and Orthotists who were interested in minimizing unwanted wrist dorsiflexion (extension) injuries for football lineman, snowboarders, baseball players, and those wanting to protect thier wrist when they have wrist pain, e.g., from carpal tunnel.

The WSO™ was designed to replace taping and is also appropriate for other sports injuries and prophylactic protection. The WSO™ wrist guard is made of durable nylon and comfortable Neoprene components, each chosen to withstand the rigors of any demanding activity. This wrist guard is perfect as a snowboard wrist guard, baseball wrist guard, and even as a bowling wrist guard.

When you have wrist pain, this wrist guard can keep you from bumping sensitive areas on your wrist, e.g., as a carpal tunnel wrist guard. If your wrist hurts, this wrist guard is designed to protect you!! We guarantee it!

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Manatee™ Wrist Support Manatee™ Wrist Support
Offered in orthopedic Compression material or Neoprene , this wrist support is simple, yet effective. It is universal and unhindered by stays. Mild compression is acheived by wrapping. The Compression material on this wrist support is thin and breathable. The Neoprene material gives you a more solid fit.(read more...)
Ezy ProBrace™ Gymnast Wrist Support Ezy ProBrace™ Gymnast Wrist Support
The Only Gymnast Brace Proven by Clinical Study
Ezy ProBrace for gymnastics has been proven to be effective. Do not be fooled by cheap immitations. This gymnast brace is the best on the market and clinical studies have proven it. It is made of real Leather and is the most durable and effective gymnast brace out there. Patented Pad design is detachable enabling the palm of the hand to be exposed during strenuous Gymnastic activities. U.S. Patent #4,881,533.

Our professional strength gymnast wrist brace helps relieve and prevent wrist pain by providing strong wrist support while in Wrist Exension and Hyper-Extension .

"The Ezy® ProBrace with palmar pad was beneficial in pressure attenuation. Use of this orthosis during pommel horse training in gymnasts may provide prophylactic benefit by decreasing the cumulative consequences of the repetitive stress of pommel horse exercise training." - Marsha Grant-Ford, ATC, PhD, Montclair State University 

Other Studies (click to view): University of Oregon, American Journal of Sports Medicine, Montclair State University
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