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Hand and Wrist Anatomy

Ulnar Styloid

The ulnar styloid is the small process (bump) that protrudes at the wrist opposite the thumb and serves as an attachment site for the ulnar collateral ligament which joins the ulna and two of the carpal bones and facilitates wrist stability.

A common cause of wrist pain is a fracture of the ulnar styloid occurring in conjunction with a fracture of the distal radius (a broken wrist).

Non-surgical treatment for a broken wrist typically involves placing the wrist in a cast for six weeks. Older patients typically have the cast removed after three weeks and are placed in a removable wrist brace or wrist splint. The wrist brace helps to protect the fracture and permits range of motion exercise, a critical step in the rehabilitation of wrist fractures. 
 Hand and Wrist Anatomy for Wrist Support - Ulnar Styloid


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Hand and Wrist Anatomy for Wrist Support - Ulnar Styloid